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Below is a list of medical procedures, tests and evaluations that may be performed in our office. .

Blood Draws
We offer in-office blood draws. They need to be scheduled 1 week prior to set appointment if possible.
(we no longer can do blood draws the same day as your appointment and have results that day)

CT Scan and KUB and Ultrasound
Radiological testing is available in our office.

In-office procedure that involves looking into the bladder with a flexible scope. If necessary,
the doctor has the ability to remove small bladder tumors with the flexible scope .

Flow Study
This test, if you are ready, should only take about 5 minutes of your time. Your bladder should
be full. You should have the feeling as if you were driving down the road you would have to pull
over and go for relief.

Nerve Stimulation Therapy
A non-drug, non-surgical treatment for overactive bladder. View Video

Prostate Biopsy
If you are having a prostate biopsy and are taking aspirin or any type of blood thinner, you
should refrain from taking those 7 days prior to the biopsy.

Prostate Cancer Treatment
In-office prostate cancer treatments include Eligard, Lupron, and Zometa.

Sexual Dysfunction
We provide the work up and treatment for erectile dysfunction and low male hormone issues.

A 1-hour, in-office, non-surgical treatment for BPH.

Urodynamic Evaluation
1-hour, in-office diagnostic testing

Vasectomies are done in the office as an outpatient procedure utilizing local anesthetics.
Before your actual procedure you are required to have a consult with the doctor and then
you may schedule the vasectomy.

Walk-In UA
Patients meet with the CMA and leave a urine for UA and culture.
(results take up to 4 days to return from the lab)

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